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Back Are sex clubs in a relationship a good idea?

Sex clubs have a somewhat chequered history, and we are not confusing sex clubs with brothels. A sex club is a place where a guy or girl, or couple of course can go to have some sexy fun in the evenings. Usually bedecked out in an alluring décor, sex clubs will charge an admission fee or monthly fee to their members that then allows them access to the club.

Once inside the visitor will usually be asked to strip down to underwear or just a towel, and maybe to shower to ensure that they are clean. They are then able to access the communal areas where they can sit and talk to other people, male, female or couples of the same persuasion and see where events lead them. Sex clubs have swim and sauna areas that people can frequent as well a more private areas where interested couples can go to interact together. So what is the potential attraction of a sex club to a couple in a healthy relationship?

Firstly there is the potential excitement of taking a partner somewhere highly sexually charged. For a start clothing will be minimal, if at all existent so other people will have full access to your partners most private and intimate parts. This can be an immense turn on for both partners in the relationship. Sitting together in the company of other people who feel the same way can be very exciting. No pressure but everyone there knowing what may happen later.

Maybe a little tactile activity as you kiss and stroke your partner with others watching. Our view on sex clubs is totally one of each to their own, we neither promote nor disapprove of the existence of sex clubs and the activities that they promote and we recognise that many of the activities are sexual in nature and are carried out by consenting adults.

This is why sex clubs can be really stimulating and exciting for the right minded couple. Sharing your partner to a degree that you are happy with is a big turn on to many guys. This may be just to allow guys to catch glimpses of her in various stages of undress, perhaps watching you perform intimate acts with your partner or even allowing a third party guy or lady to interact also.

Many people actually frequent sex clubs for the opportunity of full interaction with other people and couples. Being incredibly close and intimate with complete strangers holds an appeal to many people and the simple fact that at the end of the evening no phone numbers have been shared, no names given out and the fact that they will all never see each other again adds to the excitement.

Simply the visual excitement of other people in various stages of undress carrying out mild sexual acts in public can be an immense thrill. Simultaneously a lot of couples enjoy the thrill and voyeurism of being watched together doing their stuff. Inviting another person or people to join in is totally down to you and you can do this in the privacy of a room or in the very public glare of a communal area. Most sex club are relatively discreet places so couples will not feel that they are performing or on show. Most visitors to sex clubs are experienced and have a level of manners and etiquette that are expected and followed.

One word of warning at this stage to any couple looking to engage in the full services that occur in most sex clubs. There needs to be much discussion in advance to ensure that both parties are totally confident that they want to indulge in the activities. Once carried out then there is no going back, it can not be undone. For sure it can be a highly thrilling experience seeing your partner perform with a stranger but the relationship has to be strong enough to make sure there are no after thoughts or repercussions.

Each to their own though and if the thought of a sex club turns you both on then there is only really one way to find out.

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